Making Donations & Sending Flowers


Sometimes families ask instead of flowers donating money to charity, usually this is done in advance of the funeral but can be done up to 4 weeks after the funeral date. 

Please send in any donations with the deceased name and who its from clearly labelled. 

Donations should always be sent as a cheque to ensure a record, if you wish to donate in cash, this should be done in our office so we can issue a receipt. 

Depending on the charity cash may not be accepted on the funeral day. 


Sometimes families do not mind if people send flowers and sometimes they prefer family flowers only, to ensure there is no mix up please give us a call and check. 


Flowers should be sent to us 2 to 3 hours before the funeral time or the day before to ensure they arrive in time before the hearse leaves our office, our address details can be found via the link below.