Client Guidance and Information: COVID-19

We will ensure this page is kept up to date as soon as we get information, if you are an existing client we will call you with any changes as soon as possible should it effect you. 

Last updated: 05/05/2021 

Guidance as set out by Government and Local Authority/ Services 


 Arranging Funerals: 

  • Funerals are to be arranged over the phone, Zoom or via email as much as is practicably possible (Our office is open and COVID secure should people want to come in for their appointment or a viewing/ chapel visit. 

  • Face masks must be worn in funeral directors offices as from 8th August 2020 (U.K. Government)

  • 3 Maximum people at an arrangement appointment or viewing​ appointment

  • All coffins, urns and our standard charges are online for easy viewing

  • Our prices are now online 

Attending and carrying out funerals: 

  • From the 5th of November 2020 the second national lockdown guidance states only close family should attend. (up to 24 people at Thanet Crematorium, Margate) 

  • Face masks must be worn at funerals (held indoors) as of 8th August (U.K. Government)

  • Thanet Crematorium only permits 24 people to attend Cremation Services, 0 people are permitted outside the crematorium. Initial advice from the crematorium is that there will be no change to  numbers permitted to attend (24) from 17th May 2021

This is because the new guidance allows venues to determine the safe number of people allowed in to the chapel and at present this is still 24. - This is IF the restrictions still change and there is no delay to the 'roadmap'. 

  • 7 (Margate)/ 12 (Ramsgate) people only in cemetery chapels 

  • Thanet Crematorium offers a Webcast service (subject to availability) so it can be viewed from home, this is currently still charged for but we will be offering a reduced fee where we can. (£25.00)

  • Services can be recorded by the crematorium to be watched by those who cant attend. There is a charge for this service set by the crematorium. ​(£25.00*)

Cremated Remains: 

  • Witnessed burials of cremated remains are not permitted at the Thanet Crematorium until January 1st 2021 onwards

  • Unwitnessed burials of cremated remains can take place

Viewings/ Chapel Visits:

  • At the moment advise on viewing someone who has passed away from COVID-19 is mixed but industry bodies are recommending that viewing does NOT take place. You can still visit our chapel with the coffin sealed.

  • People who have passed away and have NOT had a positive result or certifying doctors cause of death relating to covid (either directly as a cause of death or other contributing factor) will be able to have chapel visits as per our normal practice.

  • 3 people maximum are permitted to attend viewing appointments.

  •  Masks should be worn during viewing appointments, even if the deceased does not have COID, as it is still a public place. 

  • To book an appointment to view or spend time with a closed coffin please call 01843 862 503 or email 

  • Our Chapels are cleaned after each use and therefore we are restricted on the amount of time and appointments we can have per day.

Measures we are taking: (From March 2020)

  • We are providing hand sanitizer in our reception for use on entry and exit 

  • All staff are being re-trained in P.P.E. and Infection Control Management 

  • Our arrangement rooms are being disinfected after use and a screen has be installed in our arrangement office and reception area.

  • Limousines are now available again, however they only seat 6 rather than 7 (This is so no one sits in the front with the driver, the privacy screen is closed and not to be opened.) Limousines are disinfected every time after use. 

  • Funeral Conductors are not traveling with the family in the limousines to reduce the amount of people in the vehicle. Only our driver will be in the vehicle, they are separated from passengers by a privacy screen which can not be opened- the driver can still hear you if you need assistance. 

  • Staff are not shaking hands with clients 

  • Some members of staff have been sent home due to the government restrictions on age and health conditions. 

  • Staff are wearing facemasks when seeing clients 

*Price correct at time of publishing